Tempfil G-Plus

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Tempfil G Plus is a chemically hardening, radio-opaque,pink filing material containing flouride and is used for temporary filling of dental cavities.
• Temporary filling of class I and II cavities.
• Temporary sealing in endodontics.
Application of Tempfil G Plus:
• Moisten the cavity with a water spray.
• Take up prepared Tempfil G Plus form the pad using a spatula or an instrument and apply into the cavity.
• Condense Tempfil G Plus into the cavity using a condenser and adapt to the cavity walls by gently condensing.
• Remove occlusal contact points with a scaler.
• It is advisable not to fill very deep cavities up to the base of the cavity, so that Tempfil G Plus can be removed more easily from the cavity
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